Al Mashaaer Al Mugaddassah Metro Project (MMMP) Phase I



MMMP Metro being a paramount mile stone in the Kingdom’s vision for safe and comfortable Pilgrimage, in Holy Makkah consists of 09 Pilgrims Stations, 03 EEPs and 19 support buildings distributed along the track length of 19 KM with 300,000 P/H capacities.

During Hajj, a life time spiritual experience and Government’s zero tolerance, for any kind of System failure; The Mashaaer Metro is at peak of the finest and detailed Engineering.

In an environment where safety is the start and the end, MTS’s SCADA & BMS systems are the backbone Integrals behind the scene making plans a reality.

State of the art MTS systems interfaces the stations, EEPs & Depot’s Building, to the Operation Control Center (OCC), where any Alarm condition is notified and the OCC is given the access to take remedial/containment actions, if required.

MTS Systems (SCADA & BMS) being present at all these buildings and stations are handling almost 80,000 signals in the entire project, where a minute state change is processed, implemented and logged as per the various operational modes.

Special Features: In short HVAC, LV, P&D, Lighting, Fire Alarm, Rail System SCADA OCC, Auxiliary Systems & interfaces are controlled and monitored. Beside the local control & monitoring action, any alarm condition is notified in OCC and through web interface pinpointed to the operators.

Integration: The various Metro Systems are integrated with Thales’s world-leading SelTrac Communications-Based Train Control (CBTC) system solution using Modbus TCP/IP, Modbus RS-485, HTTP & BACnet:

1. Stations & EEPs Hot Redundant PLCs & RTUs on Modbus TCP/IP.
2. Stations & EEPs Fire Alarm System on Modbus TCP/IP.
3. Stations & EEPs BMS Interface on Modbus TCP/IP via MSN to OCC.
4. Stations, EEPs & Depot Metering on Modbus RS-485.
5. Stations, EEPs & Depot Alarm Management System on HTTP.
6. Depot Buildings BMS on BACnet-MSTP.
7. Depot Buildings Central BMS on BACnet-IP.
8. Mina Primary Substation interface to OCC via BACnet to Modbus TCP/IP.






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