Security & Access Control Systems

Andover Continuum®

Andover Continuum was the first to integrate HVAC and Electronic Access Control into one controller, having the first controller with on board Ethernet communications, the first controller with an embedded web server, the first system to integrate access control and digital video recording, and the first native BACnet system to also handle full security management tasks. 

Access control – protect every access point in your building.

Our access control systems are designed from the ground up to meet the most stringent security requirements and government regulations. They are easy to network with Ethernet support, and they provide encryption and authentication to enable tamper-proof communications between controllers and Andover Continuum workstations.


Intrusion detection – Detect early, respond rapidly.

Andover Continuum connects easily with most intrusion sensor devices, allowing you to integrate these systems with your overall security network. You can send intrusion alarms, create reports, and graphically view security incidents on your workstation. Intrusion events can also trigger automatic responses; for example, a glass-break alarm or motion detector can cause a video feed to pop up on the workstation.


Digital video management – The latest technology, Seamlessly integrated.

Schneider Electric offers a full suite of solutions for video management and analysis. You can view live or recorded video on demand for any alarm or event. To quickly pinpoint potential security breaches and significant events, our video content analysis software provides real-time alarm and forensic tools for tracking events, thus eliminating the need for constant monitoring.