Sensors & Transmitters

We supply comprehensive Industrial Sensors & Transmitter portfolio. With one stop shop approach, customers save time and cost, fully confident of the quality, performance, compatibility, and value for money of the items they buy:

  1. Pressure Switches.
  2. Pressure Transmitters.
  3. Traceability & Access Control.
  4. Safety Detectors.
  5. Opto-electronic Rotary Encoders for Counting, Position and Speed Information Requirements.
  6. Limit Switches.
  7. Proximity & Presence Sensors.
  8. Level Switches.
  9. Level Transmitters.
  10. Visibility Transmitters.
  11. Gas & Hazards Detectors.
  12. Flow Meters.

Variable Frequency Drives

Schneider Electric Altivar drives is a frequency inverter for 3-phase asynchronous motors rated between 0.75 kW and 800 kW for HVAC Applications and Industrial Applications.